Dartmoor Combination Bridle *** Libbys *** The Dartmoor bridle converts to a head collar by simply unbuckling the bit straps. This bridles is unique as it has NO cheek pieces and is very popular for the young rider. The bridle is made in 19mm (3/4") soft webbing and is available in all 14 colours in the Libbys webbing range. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view the colour options. MINIATURE = Nose circle : 42-51cm & Bit-to-Bit size : 58-82cm SMALL PONY = Nose circle : 47-56cm & Bit-to-Bit size : 66-90cm PONY = Nose circle : 52-61cm & Bit-to-Bit size : 74-94cm COB = Nose circle : 57-66cm & Bit-to-Bit size : 86-106cm FULL = Nose circle : 62-71cm & Bit-to-Bit size : 98-118cm Available in Black

Dartmoor Combination Bridle *Libbys*

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